Main objective of the division is to develop eco-friendly technology packages for augmentation of food production and income generation opportunities in the coastal areas.

Techniques for seed production of marine resources such as

  • Clown fishes
  • Damsel fishes
  • Blue swimmer crabs
  • Sand lobster
  • Marine Shrimp Penaeus semisulcatus
  • Marine pearl oyster
  • Indian edible oyster
  • Clams and Cockles ..... have been developed

Technological upgradation have been made to improve the production and increase profitability in farming systems, especially in

  • Marine mussel farming
  • Remote setting of oysters
  • Production of akoya and mabe pearls
  • Seaweed farming
  • Integrated farming of seaweeds and bivalves
  • Farming of crabs and lobsters
  • Intensive culture of marine shrimps

Research Projects

Xth Plan

  • MD / CUL / 01: Broodstock development and Seed production for shellfish mariculture
  • MD / CUL/ 02: Development of diversified and sustainable growout mariculture systems
  • MD / CUL / 03: Seed production for Finfish mariculture
  • MD / CUL / 04: Mass culture of live feeds and nutritional enrichment for larviculture

XIth Plan

  • MD / CUL / 01: Development of broodstock, captive breeding and seed production techniques for selected marine food fish and ornamental fishes
  • MD / CUL/ 02: Technology development on seed production of shellfish
  • MD / CUL / 03: Development of diversified mariculture systems
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