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Agricultural Technology Information Centre (ATIC)
Visit ATIC site at: www.aticcmfri.org

An Agricultural Technology Information Centre (ATIC) was sanctioned to CMFRI during December 1999 under the National Agricultural Technology Project (NATP). An amount of Rs. 42 lakhs has been sanctioned under the project.

The ATIC functions with objectives of
To provide a single window delivery system for the products and services available from CMFRI to the farmers and the other clients.
To facilitate direct access to the farmers to avail the facilities from the Institute at a nominal cost.
To provide feedback to the fishermen/farmers visiting /using the facility.

Activities of ATIC
The ATIC of the Central Marine Fisheries Research Institute. As such the building has museum, audio - visual laboratory, conference hall, store room, reception counter, scientists' room, internet cafe and laboratory facilities.
A price list indicating the prices of publications and the rate for diagnostic services are displayed for the use of the visiting clients. List of publications and pamphlets of different technologies/ photographs are displayed.
Information services were given on technologies available within Central Marine Fisheries Research Institute.
Video programmes/literature about different technologies.
Diagnostic services are undertaken
Supply of input for technologies such as shrimp seeds, etroplus seeds, shrimp feeds, innocolam.
technical services such as reply to phone calls, personal queries, personal letters, field queries are also carried out.

Collaboration and linkage
The centre has got linkages with organizations such as CIFT, MPEDA, IFP, BFDA, FFBA, ADAK, CPCRI and KAU.