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Crustacean Fisheries Division (CFD)

Assessment of fishery resource characteristics of the Penaeid Shrimps of the West Coast of India
Assessment of fishery and resource characteristics of the Penaeid Shrimps of the East Coast of India.
Investigations on the Non-Penaeid Shrimp fishery of north West Coast of India
Investigations on exploitation management and conservation of the Lobster and Crab resources of India
Monitoring deep sea prawn fishery
Development of Artificial Reefs
Seed production, experimental farming and tagging of marine prawns 
Broodstock development, seed production, farming and searanching of commercially important spiny and sand Lobsters

Major components of penaeid prawn fishery

Parapenaeopsis stylifera

Penaeus semisulcatus

Metapenaeus dobsoni

Penaeus monodon

Penaeus indicus

Metapenaeus monoceros

Estimated penaeid prawn landings in India during 1961-'99 (in tonnes)

Deepsea prawns

Aristeus alcocki

Metapenaeopsis andamanensis

Heterocarpus woodmasoni

Heterocarpus gibbosus

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