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Fisheries Environment Management Division (FEMD)

Areas of Research
Marine pollution
Conservation of Marine Turtles
Stock and mass culture of phytoplankton
Marine microbiology
Mass culture of zooplankton
Seaweed cultivation
Holothurian culture
Systematics of microinvertebrates and secondary production

Research Highlights
Environmental impact Assessment studies for different Industries, Port Trust under consultancy projects
Study the Net Productivity and Biological Oxygen Demand of the coastal waters and the aquaculture systems.
Validation of potential Fishery Zone forecasts based on the imageries received from NRSA/SAC and fish catch data from the West coast of India.
Conservation of marine turtles in different islands of Lakshadweep for the establishment of Sea turtle park.
Resource survey of Seaweed in South east coast of Tamil Nadu, Assessment of seaweed landing, Mariculture of Gracilaria from spores and fragments
Establishment of Agar factory and extraction of agar by industrial method at Mandapam.

Inhouse Projects
Investigations on environmental parameters of inshore waters in relation to fisheries. 
Mariculture of live feed organisms
Ecological Investigations on the inter-Tidal and surf zones of the Kerala and Kanyakumari Coasts in relation to finfish and shellfish seed and Juvenile resources.
Monitoring the state of health of coastal Waters
Resources assessment of seaweeds and their culture
Sanitary significance of faecal Coliforms in selected coastal environments growing marine shellfishes

External-funded Projects
ICAR Ad-hoc projects:
  Conservation of green turtle - Dr. M Rajagopalan
  Large scale cultivation of edulis by reproductive method - Reeta Jayashanker
  Studies on incidence of toxic principles and parasites in sea foods (Inter-Institutional Project) (CMFRI-CIFT) - Dr. C P Gopinathan.
ICAR Revolving Project
  Production of Agar from the seaweeds of Gulf of Mannar and Palk Bay - Dr. N . Kaliaperumal
DOD Project:
  Investigations on the toxic algal blooms in EEZ of India - Dr. C P Gopinathan
DBT Project:
  Transfer of technology of seaweed culture for Rural Development. - Dr. N . Kaliaperumal
NATP Project:
  Impact of dams on river runoff into sea and changes in nutrient & productivity profile of Coastal waters. - Dr. P.K.Krishnakumar.