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Molluscan Fisheries Division (MFD)

MFD Activities
Resource Assessment & Management
Technology Development
Transfer of technology
Summer schools
Through TTC

Research Projects & Staff
Scientific Staff - 25
Technical Staff - 28
Projects - 13
Rs. 90 lakhs
External Funded Projects - 09
Rs. 72 lakhs
International Funded Projects - 02
US $ 24,000
Projects - 02
Rs. 208 lakhs
ICAR Revolving Fund Project - 01
Rs. 30 lakhs

Resource Assessment Management & Conservation
Cephalopods Bivalves & Gastropods
Biology and distribution of commercially important species Surveys to estimate the standing stock of bivalves in KER, KAR, TN, PON and GUJ
Modelling growth and mortality and estimation of MSY for major species Management measures suggested for conservation of clam resources in Ashtamudi Lake have yielded good results
Development of octopus fishery in Kerala, TN and Maharashtra Studies were made on the newly developing whelk fishery along SW coast
Resource potential of oceanic cephalopods in Indian EEZ  

Cephalopod Resources
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Bivalves, Gastropods & Cephalopods Potential Yield Estimates
Avg Annual Landing (t) 1995-99 Potential Yield Est (tonnes)
Edible oysters 18,800 33,962
Clams & Cockles 1,10,687 1,16,277
Mussels 11,316 22,080
Window pane Oyster 9.300 12,278
Gastropods 23,343 20,760
Cephalopods 78,005 92,705