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Demersal Fisheries Division (DFD)

To collect data on fishing effort and species composition
To conduct research on biology-maturation, spawning, fecundity, growth, age and food of major exploited species
To estimate stock parameters
To carryout research on broodstock development, spawning in confinement, larval rearing and growout culture of groupers, snappers, ornamental fishes
To study the effect of bottom trawling on demersal finfishes and macro-benthos
To assist in Postgraduate teaching and research guidance leading to M.F.Sc and Ph.D. Degrees
To participate in extension programmes
Genetics & Breeding

Database on fishery and biological characteristics of exploited stocks
Stock assessment and advice on MSY
Multispecies and mixed fisheries assessment.
Survey and assessment of ornamental fish resources
Brood stock development of groupers
Sex reversal of groupers
Spawning of groupers in onshore indoor system
Breeding and larval rearing of ornamental fishes
Post graduate teaching and Doctoral guidance
Participation in policy discussions on marine fisheries

Notable Contributions of the Division in the Recent Past
Estimation of the stock parameters of twelve major species contributing to the demersal finfish yield significantly
Breakthrough in broodstock development from fingerlings to adult size, sex reversal, maturation, spawning and fertilisation and larval rearing in an onshore, indoor, fully controlled, seawater recirculating system developed at Cochin
Aquariculture of marine ornamental fishes occurring in the Mandapam and Vizhinjam regions and their relative abundance; the study revealed the presence of 68 species belonging to 17 families of ornamental fish at Vizhinjam. Nine species dominate at Mandapam in the Gulf of Mannar and Palk Bay region
Spawning of the clown fish Amphiprion chrysogaster in FRP tanks at Vizhinjam and successful rearing of the larvae to juveniles under laboratory conditions
Information on present status of knowledge on the distribution of groupers and snappers along the northwest coast, off Kerala, Wadge bank and Gulf of Mannar, in depths up to 360 m, which are not trawlable owing rocky and coralline growths and suggestions for fishing these resources through trapping and long lining
Estimation of stock size, maximum possible yield and catch quotas of 165 species of ornamental fishes of Lakshadweep
Successful conduct of “Summer School on Marine Fisheries Resources Assessment and Management” in May-June 1999

Trend in production of total marine fish and Demersal Finfish in India (1961 - 2024)
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Groupwise Composition of Demersal Finfishes (1961 - 2024