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Fishery Resources Assessment Division (FRAD)

Fisheries Statistics and Stock Assessment
Developed Management Reference Points for rational exploitation of the resources.
Carried out stock assessment of 47 commercially important finfish and shell fish resources
Formulated fishery forecast models.
Developed a predictive model for oil sardine production along the southwest coast.
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Prepared appraisal reports on the status of marine fisheries in each maritime state.
Estimated the optimum fleet size for each maritime state.
Conducted a rapid census on all India basis for estimation of number of craft and gear.

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Statistical database on a large number of species of pelagic and demersal fishes, crustaceans and molluscs over space and time.
Methods for estimating vital statistics for stock assessment.
Software for analysis of marine fish landings in India.
Teaching & Training
Conducted training programmes to the officials of all the maritime state in sampling design and estimation of marine fish production
Conducted training programmes to the scientists, university teachers and other research workers on the population dynamics and fish stock assessment
Conducted training programmes on the computer applications in aquaculture.
Held a Summer Institute on Recent Developments in Fish Stock Assessment