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Transfer of Technology Programmes
Exhibitions, Melas, Field days
Agricultural Technology Information Centre

Socio-economic Impact Studies
Impact Of Different Mariculture Technologies of CMFRI
Fishery Enterprises Through Shgs
Participatory Rural Appraisal

Transfer of Technology Programmes
Learning through participation
Training Programmes
Fisheries-based Micro Enterprises through SHGs
Exhibitions, Melas, Field days
Post Graduate Programme Research Guidance Visiting Faculty in Fisheries Economics & Extension
Agricultural Technology Information Centre  

Women Empowerment and Gender Issues
Occupational hazards of fisherwomen Ergonomic studies Entrepreneurial skill development

Role of women in fisheries Gender disparity in wage pattern Labour segmentation Extent of technological marginalisation.

Institute-Village-Linkage-Programme for Technology Assessment and Refinement in the Coastal Agro- Eco system of Ernakulam in Kerala
Village - Elankunnapuzha
Five micro-farming situations identified
Three categories of tehcno-interventions
Altogether 28 interventions & 350 farmers
17 interventions carried out in2000-2001

Value of marine fish at consumer level - Rs. 20,000 crores (1999-2000) Export earnings - Rs. 6300 crores (2000-01) Rs. 4.5 crores (1960-61) 85% of the catch for internal consumption and rest exports.
Marine fishermen households - 5 lakh (1999) 3.5 lakh (1980) Ownership on fishing equipment.(2001) only 23% of the active fishermen Per capita production per active fishermen declined from 3250 kg in 1980 to 2240 kg in 2024 . Non-mechanized sector is surviving and sustaining only as a family enterprise

Marine Fisheries in India- Socio-economic Profile
Marine fishermen population - 3 million
Marine fishermen households - 0.50 million
No of active fishermen - 1.025 million
Ratio of active fishermen to total - 1:3
Average no. of sea-going fishermen per village - 282
Average no. of fishermen population per village - 825
Fish landing centres - 2251
Marine fishing villages - 3638

Research Papers-200
Popular Articles-40
Pamphlets/ Brochures-20