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Fisheries Statistics and Stock Assessment
Developed, standardised and implemented the Multistage Stratified Random Sampling Design for collection and estimation of marine fish landings in India.
Quinquennial Frame Surveys have been carried out for determining the fisherfolk population, craft, gear and other infrastructure details.
Maintenance of database on a large number of species of pelagic and demersal fishes, crustaceans and molluscs over space and time.
Developed methods for estimating vital statistics for stock assessment.
Developed software for analysis of marine fish landings in India.

Developed Management Reference Points for rational exploitation of the resources.
Identified potential fishing grounds through onboard surveys.
Carried out stock assessment of 47 commercially important finfish and shell fish resources .
Formulated fishery forecast models.
Suggested strategies for the conservation and management of the endangered/threatened stocks such as the marine turtles, marine mammals, certain finfishes, crustaceans and corals.

Prepared appraisal reports on the status of marine fisheries in each maritime state.
Developed fish aggregating devices/artificial reefs to attract and hold fish schools and transferred this technology to the fishermen.
Monitored the marine pollution in the coastal waters and identified the hot-spots.
Economic evaluation of the different sectors in the marine fisheries was carried out.
Estimated optimum fleet size for each maritime state.
Conducted a rapid census on all India basis for estimation of number of craft and gear.

Recent Breakthroughs
Hatchery development of the groupers
Breeding and seed production of clown fish
Breeding of spineless cuttle fish Sepiella inermis
Artificial insemination in shrimps
Prediction of oilsardine fishery

Future Thrusts
Intensification of research to develop technologies for breeding and seed production of groupers, seabreams and marine ornamental fishes.
Enhanced research thrust on physiology, nutrition, pathology, genetics and endocrinology of cultivable species.
Upgradation of hatchery technologies of marine prawns, crabs, lobsters, seacucumber, pearl oyster, clam and mussel.
Strengthening the database on marine fish landings by enhanced survey coverage
Evolve methods and models for fish stock assessment to arrive at appropriate harvesting strategies
Establishment of the Division of Biodiversity
Strengthening and widening the linkages with the fisherfolk, coastal rural folk and the Industry
Upgrade the present education program into Postgraduate School of Marine Fisheries
Upgradation of the education programme at CMFRI by acquiring the DEEMED University status